The Houston Tyler Rothschild Scholarship

Joyce Rothschild established the Houston Tyler Rothschild Scholarship in honor of her four-year-old grandson, Houston who died of Neuroblastoma in 1986.

After Houston’s death Joyce decided to finish the college degree she started at Penn State in 1949. She completed an internship with Lynda Walker LCSW, who had been Houston’s social worker. Through Lynda, Joyce learned about APOSW. She attended her first conference as a “friend of APOSW” in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1989. There she learned that many social workers are not able to attend the conference due to lack of funding. She established the Houston Tyler Rothschild Scholarship Fund to help social workers attend our annual conference. Joyce was recognized as an honorary member of APOSW in 1994 at the APOSW Conference in Santa Fe.

The scholarship continues to provide support for social workers to attend our annual conference. The amount of money in the fund determines the number of scholarships awarded each year. Forty- five social workers have received the scholarship since 2005. The silent auction and raffle at the conference are the primary source of funding for scholarship. Frequently conference presenters also donate their honorariums. Members have an opportunity to donate to the scholarship when they renew their membership each year. To make a donation by check, email

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