In order for social workers to demonstrate their effectiveness both in terms of patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness, they should consider engaging in intervention or outcome-based research. Research is one important mechanism for pediatric oncology social workers to demonstrate their position and value within their clinical setting. The following documents have been prepared to provide education.

APOSW is committed to excellence in psychosocial oncology. This includes research that informs practice, policy and education. APOSW’s commitment to research initiatives in the field of pediatric psychosocial oncology led to the creation of the Research Committee. The Research Committee, headed by the Research and Publication Chair reports to the Board of Directors and reviews, evaluates and determines approval of research submitted by APOSW members.

APOSW Research Committee
The Research Committee is made up of three to five pediatric oncology social workers with extensive research experience. The committee provides opportunities for networking as well as guidance on conducting psychosocial oncology research. The primary goal of the Research Committee is to assure that pediatric social work research in oncology serves the interest of patients and families dealing with cancer and remains relevant to the field. The Research Committee also reviews research proposals from members and others who wish to use the APOSW listserv to conduct research. Researchers who are interested in conducting such research should read the Procedures below and complete a Research Application. The Research Committee Application should be submitted to the APOSW Research and Publication Chair. Those interested in participating in the Research Committee should also contact the APOSW Research and Publication Chair.

Please submit your research applications to
APOSW Research and Publication Chair
Lori Wiener, PhD, DCSW

Surveys to APOSW Members
The APOSW Research Committee must review and approve all survey and research materials to ensure that the survey is: 1) relevant to the field of pediatric psychosocial oncology and the mission of APOSW, 2) free from commercial or other bias, and 3) sufficiently simple and brief to be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

For all survey requests:

  • Participation in research surveys must be optional and anonymous for APOSW members. APOSW does not provide email addresses of its members but will email links to online surveys for approved research projects through the membership listserv.
  • APOSW does not endorse or approve research projects or findings. No endorsement should accompany the survey instrument, published data or any related communications.
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to submit their research findings as a presentation for review at the APOSW Annual Conference.

APOSW Research Survey Request Form – by Lori Wiener, PhD, DCSW

IMPORTANT: Before submitting the APOSW Research Survey Request Form above, please download, save and print the
Research Survey Request Form policies and procedures PDF.

APOSW Policies and Procedures in Conducting Research Involving APOSW Members:

Organizations and/or individuals wishing to conduct research involving APOSW members shall meet the following requirements:

  •  An APOSW member must be listed as key personnel on the project (Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator)
  • The proposal must be relevant to the interests and mission of APOSW.
  • The study must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the IRB approval letter and research materials (e.g., copies of surveys, specific aims, research plan/protocol) made available for APOSW files.
  • Upon approval of the proposal by the Research Committee, the Research Committee Chair and APOSW President will notify the Principal Investigator that the project has been approved.
  • At least 30 days prior to distribution, the PI must provide the final copy of the instrument or link to the online survey and any correspondence that will accompany the survey. This includes the exact wording to be sent out the APOSW membership via the list serve to announce the study and a link to the survey, after paying applicable fees. Once approved, an initial posting will be placed on the APOSW listserv and website. Researchers can post two reminders within 6 months. For APOSW members, there will be a $50 charge; the charge for non-APOSW members is $200 for three total postings.
  • If there are any attachments that must accompany the email, the Research Chair will ask the Membership Chair to send the email.
  • The Principal Investigator is allowed to have one initial announcement posted about the study on the APOSW listserv. The Principal Investigator may add two follow-up reminders for the study within a 6-month period.
  • The Principal Investigator will acknowledge APOSW in written and oral presentations of their work and ensure appropriate authorship according to amount of work provided by other APOSW members.
  • In addition, it is expected that the Principal Investigator provide a summary of his/her research findings in an APOSW newsletter and/or at a future APOSW conference.
  • Projects requiring listing of their survey on the APOSW listserv must include appropriate allocations in their budget to compensate APOSW for administrative support.

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